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Imagine this:

Feminist hackers break into the “private browsing session” internet history of major male sports stars, celebs, and politicians.

The hackers publish the men’s names next to the illegal, unusual or most-embarrassing websites along with number of visits, duration of visits, and any comments/chats they posted on those sites.

Reddit and 4Chan riot about the unfairness and invasion of privacy.

"But it was all online!" The hackers say. "They had to know someone could find it!!!"

What happens next?

Tons of people shaming those men for being trashy and stupid?Comments about “celebs should assume they don’t have privacy” show up in every discussion thread?

Probably not. Probably, the media outlets fall all over themselves to decry the awful indecency of this breach of trust.

Probably, fans set up GoFundMe accounts to pay for the counseling these men will need to undergo, and for the wages they may lose as a result of being exposed in this way.

Maybe the FBI shuts down the entire internet for ten days. Anyone who ever tagged anything #feminism is fined $20 and suspended from the Web for a month. And every online provider in the country is forced to pay billions of dollars in a damages as part of a class-action lawsuit.

What do you want to bet?

— (via wsswatson)
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Rupert Graves signing for fans at the première of Pride, Andrew Scott’s new movie, Camden Town, London, Sept 2nd 2014 [x]


Benedict with his Actor of the Year award and Dan Stevens! [x]


Benedict with his Actor of the Year award and Dan Stevens! [x]